The expedition of photography for me started in my Sophomore year when I was 16 in my hometown just outside of Metro Detroit. Using only black/white film and a  SLR film camera I borrowed, I developed prints over the next few years. Late fall my Senior year I purchased my first digital single lens reflex camera (DSLR). Doing small house parties at first, and shooting friends for practice while teaching myself how to shoot and edit digital photography, within 6 months I was able to start my own small event business called This was a massive advantage at opening a multitude of possibilities.

Approximately one year later, with the exposure through word-of-mouth, my new website, and showcasing creative and spectacular photos online. I was offered a position to work for a big event company called This was a prestigious opportunity and that created a great deal of exposure and new clients.

Amateur modeling soon came into play shortly after, so I decided to but a basic studio setup for fun and doing free shoots for amateur models to build both our portfolios.

Now with over thousands of galleries, ten of experience, and moving with an abstract mind, I am hopeful to continue to make an impression in photography with all of my future and present clients.